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How to find the Derry Rail Trail

From I-93, Exit 4, take RT-102 East towards the center of Derry. You will go straight through the light at Fordway and then up a slight hill--right before you get to the light at the intersection of Birch Street and Crystal Avenue you will see the Derry Depot Steakhouse on your right and Bensons Lumber/Derry Feed on your left. The trail crosses right there at the red brick crosswalk.

The Depot Steakhouse is the original Derry Depot Station dating back to 1849 when the railroad came to Derry. The building that is there now was rebuilt after a fire in the late 1800's but is almost as big as it was in the days when B&M steam engines came through Derry regularly on the way from Lawrence to Manchester and back.

At this point on the trail, you are on the western side of the Derry Bike Loop. There is a map of this in the pocket park right across the street from the Derry Depot Steakhouse--look behind the tree on the left after you cross the road. If you go South on the Bike Loop, you will cross South Avenue onto the sidewalk that goes into the Chelmsford Hardy Place parking lot. Proceed to the back of this parking lot and you will see the trail as it crosses over an area known in the town history as "Lover's Leap". From here you will next cross a small road called Norton Street. At this point, the Derry Bike Loop follows Norton Street to the East and the Derry Rail Trail continues South. At the next crossing you will find Kendall Pond Road. This point marks the "new" section of the trail being completed (as of the Summer of 2009). In about another 0.6 miles, you will come to Bower's Road. At this point you can either duck into the culvert or go up and over the ramp at Bower's Road to cross into the currently unfinished section of the Derry Rail Trail. It's about another 1.5 miles or so to the Windham town border at which point you cross North Lowell Road onto the Windham Rail Trail.


You can park in the municipal parking lot down the hill behind the Derry Depot Steakhouse on Abbot Court. You can get to Abbot Court from Broadway by taking the right off of Broadway, right across the street from Martin Street which is the road on the left that goes between Bensons and Derry Feed. The parking lot is at the bottom of the hill to the left and you can take the covered stairs right up to the trail from there.

You can also park at Hood Park which you can get to by taking a left onto Manning street (take the left just after crossing over the red crosswalk in front of the Derry Depot Steakhouse. Follow Manning street past the court house to where it ends at a stop sign. Hood Park is right in front of you.